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Tara, I told you I have nothing to say

30 March 1988
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Umm... slightly boring polyglot who has traveled too much.
Going to medical school this autumn.

OK, I feel like I should elaborate so here it goes.

I was born in Germany 18 years ago to my Colombian mother and my German father. My parents were separated when I was 7. I moved to Colombia with my mother and brother and my father had a child with my babysitter. For the next 10 years or so we travelled around a lot. I have lived in Colombia, North Carolina, New York, and England as well as Germany. My mother comes from a long line of scary university professors that is admired by everyone but no one can really see them living a normal life (because they don't). My father is now married to my ex-babysitter and my brother and I go visit them every year.

I am fluent in German and Spanish and would love to meet people to practice on! I love languages but my true love is science. I am in my first year of medical school now!

That looks OK. Slightly unfinished but I can't really think of anything else to say.